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Trip to Orlando, Florida
(May 2003)

We had a lot of fun last week! We just returned from a full week in Orlando, Florida with Brian's parents, Trudy and Phil, his brother Andrew, and his brother Kevin, and wife Annette and our nephew Nicky! In fact, tonight I'm wishing we were still there. We went from ninety degrees and lots of sun to hail and rain in Portland!

There are a lot of photos here. Give them some time to load. Click on them if you want to see the bigger version.

Rach and Brian's Trip to "Fantasy of Flight"

This exceeded my expectations. It was a really neat museum. We had a nice quiet day together in the middle of the week, driving out to see one of Brian's favorite things, airplanes.

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Family Trip to "Gatorland"

Gatorland was much cooler than we expected. We saw all of these birds, most with nests with babies or eggs inside. And of course we saw lots of alligators. But for me, the birds were the highlight.

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Family Trip to the Beach

It was sure hot but it was fun.

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After the Pirates Dinner, Grandma Trudy, Nick, and Auntie Rachel danced at the Pirates' Disco Bash!

Nicky has some great moves and was quite the ladies' man. And we had fun because I hadn't danced in ages. Heck, even Uncle Brian danced a song.

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Our Room

We won the coin toss and got a great room... but the time share itself had three bedrooms and three bathrooms! Talk about luxury, geez...

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At Universal Studios - Islands of Adventure

I went on all of the rollercoasters that everyone else went on. The only thing I didn't go on was the elevator type ride, you know the one that is vertical.

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Some Other Photos

Nick with a favorite toy, the family hanging out, and Rachel grabbing a chance for a last photo with Nick.

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