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Hi there!  I'm the webmaster for and basically the only one who visits this website.  If you are visiting and you are not me, then please sign our guestbook so we know you were here! 

Anyway, my husband, Brian, and I live in Portland, Oregon.  We moved here in spring 2002, after living in Fairbanks, Alaska for almost three and a half years.  Many of the photos in our gallery are from our days in Alaska.  Before that, we lived in Portland for about three years, as well; we are proud to call the University of Portland our alma mater.

I work part time at Gethsemane Lutheran Church here in Portland as the Coordinator of Children and Youth Ministries.  I also work part time as the Vice-President of our own company, BR Investment Group.  Then if there is free time, I have a bunch of hobbies too that often get neglected: playing with our rabbit Thumper (she's got her own webpage too), reading, website design, playing computer and video games, working out, skating, playing the flute, spending time outdoors, and watching plenty of movies.

Be sure to check out the rest of our site.  Thanks for visiting!



2002 Rachel Stramel