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Hi!  I'm Thumper, the only child that Brian and Rachel have.  (At least for now! [insert evil laugh here]  Anyway, I'm like three and a half years old by now.  I've been with my family for a little less than that.  My first family dumped me at the animal shelter to be put to death.  And the third day - my last day of life - Rachel came in without Brian's knowledge and adopted me.  I've been pretty happy ever since.  They tell me I am spoiled rotten.

So, you have probably figured out I am a bunny.  [Insert growl here.]  I think I am a mini-rex / dutch mix.

Here is some other stuff about me you might like to know:

Full Name:  Thumper Binny Stramel
Birthday:  January 13
Weight:  5.8 - 6 pounds, I am kind of on a diet.
Favorite Foods:  Pink treats, hay, seeds, pellets, fruit, magazines, catalogs, cardboard, shoes, hair, poop, litter, newspaper, clothing, plants, carrots, bananas, wool, leather, water, popcorn sticks.
Favorite Food of All Time:  CARPET
My Least Favorite Foods:  Turkey! (That is such a bad memory.) And I hate corn.
Friends:  Rachel, Brian, the bunny-sitter in Alaska (Eileen), and my grandpa Gregg because he lets me go wherever I want and do whatever I want.
Enemies:  black and white plastic kitty, the vacuum
Favorite TV Show:  I really like the music and lights on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. I wish Regis was still on.
My Schedule:  Eat, Sleep, Poop, Dig in my litter box, eat, get petted, roll over, eat, dig, poop, poop and eat at the same time, drink water, eat, sleep, get petted,  rearrange my cage, dig in my litter box, rest, eat, drink water, run around-run around-run around outside of my cage!, get picked up (yikes!), get pink treats, get petted,  eat, rest, dig, eat, get petted.



2002 Thumper Stramel