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February Entries
~ Rachel's Notebook

Monday, February 14, 2000
8:07 PM

Hi, everybody!

Well, due to the fact that "Freaks and Geeks" is not on TV tonight (great show--check it out), I thought I'd write another good 'ol entry to the notebook. Why am I not celebrating Valentine's Day, you ask? Because Brian is out of town again! What's new?

Army Stuff

Brian had a good trip to Louisiana. His battalion went to JRTC, the Joint Readiness Training Center, for a month. He was there for almost the whole month of January. Apparently it was good training for them--more realistic than they have been able to experience here in Alaska. And so everything went well. Brian was home for about ten days, and then his company took off for the Phillippines! He will be there until about the second week of March. They are teaching classes to the troops there, as well as learning from them. Yes, he has definitely been gone much more than either of us like, but he tells me that after this deployment, he will only be away for a few days here and there, at least through all or part of the summer. Soooo, I just keep telling myself that and take it day by day!

Keeping Busy

...with Thumper

As for me, when he is away, I just try to keep busy! Our new little bunny rabbit helps with that. She is a lot of fun. And even though I adopted her while Brian was gone the last time (and he didn't learn about her until he called to say "come pick me up I'm back in town!"), they are good pals. A different side of her personality emerged once he started playing with her. She's quite frisky and can really be a handful! She definitely isn't timid anymore! Like a proud parent, I've got some photos of her now, and soon she'll have her very own website! (I know, gag, how mushy!)

...and off to Central America

I am very glad to be getting away this month, as well. For one thing, it will break up my time here alone while Brian is away. And I am also very much looking forward to seeing Mom, Dad, and J. and Josh. My parents invited me to go to Honduras with them at the end of February for just over a week. We plan to reconnect and spend some quality time with our good friends, Pastor Pedro and family, whom I worked with during the two months I spent there. That will be wonderful. We'll also see some of the sites, maybe do a little bit of mission work, and head to El Salvador for a few days to see some Presbyterian projects there. What a great trip! I'll let you know how it goes.

I am so fortunate because those at the church allow me to get away frequently. Before Brian left again, we spent a long weekend in Anchorage. It was about 30-40 degrees and a very nice time! And of course we celebrated Valentine's Day together, as well!

Warm Winter

We have also been fortunate in terms of the weather this winter. Today it was about 5 degrees above zero! We have had -10 to 20 degree temperatures for a few weeks now, it seems like. And it has been so wonderful compared to what it could be! It actually has felt very warm lately, and our days are also growing longer. The sun began to set around 5 PM today, just as I was leaving work. What a nice change from before Christmas, when we would have daylight from 10 AM to 3 PM, when it would again grow dark, foggy, and very depressing.

All for Now!

Well, folks, that's all for now! I will revisit Rachel's Notebook upon my return from Central America! Have a wonderful February everyone, and happy Valentine's day!

Keep in touch,


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