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More Summer 2003 - Here's the latest!

Summer 2003
- Random summer photos! Here's everything from Brian's 29th birthday, to sailing on Josh's boat, to random close-ups.

May 2003
- Florida Vacation! Check out pictures from our trip to Orlando with Brian's family.

April 2003
- Miscellaneous photos.

- Pictures of candles I spent tons of time making when the creative urge hit me in November and December.

Christmas 2002
- Portland, Oregon

Thanksgiving 2002 - Portland, Oregon

Older Gallery
- Photos from Our Time in Alaska (1999 - 2002)
This link will take you to our old website to check out all of our older pictures, including some beautiful winter shots.


a picture of last winter in Fairbanks
J and Rach
Brian and Rach
you know i love cats