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Fun and Games!

Welcome to the hot list of some of the best fun and games online! If you have a fun and games link that you would like to see here, drop us an email. I have found so many that I enjoy that I'll try to update this page often! 

  • Rachel's Latest Favorite:

    An oldie but goodie when you are really, really bored.

  • MSN Gaming Zone  
    Bejeweled is my personal favorite, but watch out, they are all addictive!
    Watch grandma actually introduced me to this game and now I'm hooked but I'm not sure why.

  • Citicom Java Games
    Have fun with Blackjack, Canoe Clobber, and many other creative games!

  • Gamesville
    Free games and cash prizes!

  • Page of Uselessness
    Check out these lists of phobias, weird laws, trivia, and other useless facts!

  • Screenmates
    Download Kamikaze Kat or Deathwish Dog to liven up your workday!

    The Sims Online 

    Not quite up and running yet but it will be awesome when it's ready.

  • The Station
    Play Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, The Dating Game, and more!

  • Uproar.Com
    Your online game show network! 'Ya have to check out Puzzle a-go-go. I could spend hours there!

    Who Wants to Be a Millionaire   
    This is fun but seems harder online than on TV!
  • Yahoo Games
    Everything from Gin to Go Fish! Play these games with other people on the Internet.

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