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Maybe it's because we spent so much time in Interior Alaska in winter, or maybe it's just because we like to be entertained, but here are some of our favorite online and computer games.  What did we do before the Internet?

Computer Games to Check Out:

The Sims
Of course, you have to check out all of the expansion packs too.

Flight Simulator 2002
Brian loves this.

Online Gaming Communities:

The Sims Online
When this is up and running, it is going to be so awesome.
My favorite - puzzle a go go - is gone but there is still a lot of cool stuff at this site.

The Station


Citicom Java Games

MSN Gaming Zone
Bejeweled is my personal favorite.

Other Online Games:

Yup, it's just like you used to know it.

My grandma introduced all of us to this game, and it's somewhat addictive.  We battle for the highest scores.



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