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The Latest News

Hi everybody -

Pretty Please - Visit Our Website More Often
Well, I decided to once again update this section on our website. I thought maybe more of you would visit our site if I wrote you an online letter once in a while! The whole idea of having a website started, of course, when we moved to Alaska and needed a way to stay in touch with our family and friends. Now that we are back 'home' in Portland, it seems no one needs to check in at anymore! How sad!

But I'm still giving it a shot, anyway. Or maybe I am just bored. So, if you are here and you are wondering what's happening with us, here's a short update. 

Christmas Time
We had a wonderful Christmas. We spent time at my dad's on Christmas eve and my mom's on Christmas day after a quiet morning by ourselves at home. Be sure to check out our Christmas photos. Santa brought me a new rain jacket so that I could retire my old one. And Santa was also very generous to Brian and his X-box game collection.

For some wacky reason we also started looking for a house to buy during December. Not one to fix up or resell as our new business does, but one to live in. That made things around the holidays pretty stressful! Anyway, we don't have one yet but I predict we will pretty soon. Portland sure is a crazy market.

And on Christmas Day my little brother, J-Bird, called to tell us he is engaged! Well, needless to say, I started crying (but in a good way). He and Charlotte, whom he met while he lived in Seattle, will be married in the fall. I'm very happy for them, but I can't believe how old we are all getting! As for Josh, he notes that he is the last bachelor in the family. Since he's only 19, hopefully that will last for a while! 

Weddings, Weddings, Weddings
And my mom will be marrying Barry in March. This is a lot of weddings to handle! But we are excited for that too and we will keep busy the next couple of months getting ready. (Recent conversations include, 'How do we connect the bows to the pews?' 'What should the centerpieces be?' 'How did we do name-cards at your wedding?') And my good friend, Nichole, will be married next October! I think I need to start working out.

Speaking of weddings, our fourth anniversary was on December 20th. Time sure flies by. Let's do a then and now comparison (boy, I am in a weird mood!):

ball.JPG (24579 bytes)

Rachel and Brian,
married less than a year
all dressed up for a military ball.
ages 22 and 24!
rachbri.jpg (30547 bytes)

Rachel and Brian, married 
almost four years, at 
Mom's for Thanksgiving in 2002
ages 26 and 28!

Shhh It's a Secret
Brian had an interview with the Secret Service in November and has another at the end of January. We are cautiously optimistic about that. Meanwhile, we continue on with our jobs as well as our business. It is crazy to think of this time last year. We hadn't even decided to move to Oregon yet, never mind do all of the things we are doing.

We have some big things coming up... Brian's interview, buying a house, my Mom's wedding, and whatever happens with our business... Keep us in your thoughts and prayers. Times are a little tough in Portland because of the economy and unemployment, as most who live here know very well - but we are doing great, hanging in there, and having a great time together.

Keep in touch!
Rachel and Brian

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Last Revised: 01/04/03