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Trip to Portland, Summer 2001
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Brian, Josh, and J. hanging out at Mom's

Brian, Dad, J., and Josh having lunch

Brian, J., Dad, and Josh in front of Dad's studio

Brian, Kitty, and Rachel at Mom's

Rachel and Brian at lunch

Sign for Dad's new studio

Dad in front of American Family Karate

Josh teaching Billy the Bully a lesson

Dad breaking Billy the Bully's neck

Grandma and Grandpa Lytle and J

Josh the Graduate and Mom

Josh and Grandma and Grandpa

All of the Kids

Dad, Josh, and Mom, Josh's Graduation Dinner

J and Mom at Josh's Graduation

Brian's 27th Birthday, at Mom's

Josh and his new RV

Dad and his Father's Day presents

Rachel and Brian, Portland Rose Garden

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Last Revised: 06/30/01