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Meet Rachel...

Hi! I'm the webmaster here at Stramels' Spot. We're glad you are visiting and hope you will visit often! I welcome any comments you might have about our website... please feel free to email us! 

If you've browsed our site at all, you know that my husband, Brian, and I live in Fairbanks, Alaska, where he is stationed at Fort Wainwright. We were married in December of 1998 in Portland, Oregon. Before moving here in January of 1999, we spent three years at the University of  Portland.  

I graduated in May of 1998 with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a certificate in Religious Education. I'm currently the Director of Youth Ministries at the Fairbanks Lutheran Church. I work with junior and senior high youth--planning programs, teaching, and building relationships with them. I enjoy this kind of work very much! These days I'm actually considering going to seminary; what do you think? 

Fairbanks Lutheran Church

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I don't have too much time for hobbies these days (who does?), but in my "free time," I spend a lot of time updating my websites--Valley Community Presbyterian Church  (my home church, where my dad is the senior pastor) and Valley Kenpo Karate (dad's karate club). That means I don't get to spend as much time updating Stramels' Spot as I would like! Website design is a very new hobby for me. I started teaching myself about it in the summer of 1999, when I began working part time at my previous job. Now I'm working more and doing more and more webpage stuff--but I enjoy's different than anything else I've ever done! And I of course enjoy "playing" (not that she really plays with me!) with Thumper in my free time too. :)

If I had time, other hobbies I would enjoy are reading, playing the flute and guitar, jazzercise, home decorating, and exploring the Alaskan outdoors. Oh, and I am a TV and movie junkie too--I freely admit that. :)

The rest of my family lives in the Northwest... my parents, Bev and Gregg, live in Portland, Oregon, with my brother, Josh. My brother, J., lives in Seattle, Washington.

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