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Rachel's Notebook
September Entries...

September 30, 1999

I think that winter has arrived in Fairbanks! It seems like only yesterday that summer turned to fall. (I guess it wasn't much before yesterday!) It has snowed twice so far, and our average temperatures are in the 30's. You will be able to check our website throughout the winter to see how far below zero it becomes! Last year, I remember a low of -58 degrees below zero. You may ask "how much colder can it feel than freezing?" Trust me. There is a difference!

Life is treating us well here in Fairbanks, though Brian has been away a lot this fall. It seems like he leaves every couple of weeks for anywhere from a few days to two weeks. Things will slow down some--I think--in November. Then in December we plan to go to Long Beach, California for Christmas with his parents and older brother and his family, and then off to Colorado to celebrate the New Year with the rest of the family. Can you believe that we plan to fly home to Alaska on the 1st? (We're so adventurous!) Well, if things with the airlines go crazy because of Y2K, I figure we won't be leaving on the 1st or anytime soon after!

Brian keeps very busy with work, and so he has been unable to do some things he would like to do. Perhaps he will be less busy as an officer in the Signal Corps, rather than the Infantry. He will switch jobs in the late spring, most likely.

If you have browsed our site, you probably know I have started a new job as the Youth Director at the Fairbanks Lutheran Church. I am still in the planning stages, but I think that the program has a lot of potential. The kids are great (and there are many of them!), and they are interested in forming drama, music, and leadership teams, as well as beginning consistent youth group and small groups. So, they will keep me busy, I am sure.

I have also started two other webpages, which you may know! If you have visited Stramels' Spot before, you know that it has slowly improved, as I have figured out what I'm doing! I am now the webmaster of and of latter is the page for my dad's church, and thanks to others, it is already a sharp looking site.

Well, that is our latest update! Thanks to a friend, who suggested starting "Rachel's Notebook." I will try to update this page more often than the rest of the site, as it will let you know how we are doing and what we're up to.

'Til next time,



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