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Fairbanks, Summer 2001
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Josh, the balloon guy, working for an afternoon. Josh visited us in July 2001 for a week. At the children's parade here in Fairbanks.
Swords were popular requests. Butterflies were popular too. We were there until the last kid left.
We went on a hike in the White Mountains, forty minutes north of Fairbanks. Josh's "Cliffhanger" pose. We reached these rocks at the summit. (It was seven miles roundtrip!)
That's Brian on the left. We took a couple of junior highers from the church with us. This is our slingshot contest. Josh and Brian also went fly-fishing at the Chatinika River.
How sweet. That's Josh and Rach at the church. We also did some driving in "Midtown Madness 2." Josh's visit wouldn't have been complete without a Snood Tournament or two.

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