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Welcome!  Drinka Pinta RachFace A Day.

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You've reached, a website devoted to... well... us and the things we are interested in.  If you are looking for the website about our life in Fairbanks, Alaska, click on the link for our old site above. If you are interested in what our life is like in Portland, Oregon, then check out some of the other links.   And be sure to let us know what you think about our site!

December 22, 4:51 PM - Merry Christmas everyone and Happy Fourth Anniversary to us! We are buying ourselves a house for Christmas. I am so excited! I hope it works out and we can show you pictures soon! Speaking of pictures, check out our photos from Thanksgiving.
November 15, 7:16 PM - Hi again. It's been a while. I added some quotes to the site and updated a few things tonight. We are off to Florida next week - again for more real estate training. Things change quickly around here. Ya gotta check our website to keep up.
September 18, 9:47 PM - Linked up the books to read. We're off to Dallas tomorrow to further our careers with BR Investment Group, Inc. Be back in a few days!
September 14, 10:21 PM - Linked up the gallery tonight. I hope to have new pictures on there soon. Also you might want to see our quotes and poems section. Sopranos premieres tomorrow; it's a big day.
September 12, 11:20 PM - Working on getting our site revised since we've moved. It's the beginning of the weekend, and the cool thing is that I can see two beams of light from our porch, in remembrance of 9/11. It will last for two months.

Sorry about the pop-ups.  We hope to move our site soon.
2002 Rachel Stramel