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Winter 2001 - 2002
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rachgramps.JPG (17024 bytes)
Rach and Grandpop Townsley, in Philadelphia November 2001

rachggl.JPG (13378 bytes)
Rach and Grandma and Grandpa Lytle

rachjoshkal.JPG (22598 bytes)
Rach and Josh and Kalene

dadbri.JPG (31735 bytes)
Dad and Brian in Fairbanks playing Dreamcast
November 2001

dadnan.JPG (21547 bytes)
Dad and Nancy at the Alaska Pipeline
momj.JPG (14998 bytes)
Mom and J. in Sacramento on their way to Arizona
December 2001
nick.JPG (23449 bytes)
Our nephew Nicky
bridad.JPG (25009 bytes)
Brian and Dad, a surprise flight for Dad's birthday
December 2001
briand.JPG (44657 bytes)
Brian and Andrew at the Redwoods, the "First Amendment Area" 
stramelclan.JPG (19206 bytes)
Andrew, Kevin, Annette, Brian, and Rachel
rachcats.JPG (33167 bytes)
Rach and the Kitties
rachbri.JPG (24036 bytes)
Rach and Brian

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