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Winter / Spring 2002
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boys.JPG (49708 bytes)
Playing Dreamcast.
devilstick.JPG (49051 bytes)
At my office with one of my toys.
jguitar.JPG (38395 bytes)
rachthump.JPG (27608 bytes)
Me and Thump.
jjosh.JPG (59569 bytes)
J and Josh.
rguitar.JPG (50499 bytes)
More jammin'.
bridrums.JPG (62051 bytes)
Still jammin'.
randb.JPG (37925 bytes)
Thanks for the hats Josh.
winter.JPG (21022 bytes)
Now that is what  Fairbanks looks like in winter.

Dad and Nancy.

Wedding Day in Fairbanks.

Us kids.

Friends from Fairbanks.

The FLC gang.

Dad had a gig near the Arctic Circle.

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