Christmas Family Feud

Much thanks to those of you who participated in my recent Christmas survey. How nice to have my very own sample group of family and friends so that I can prepare this game for my youth group! Below are the results of the survey. The top answers in each category are listed. For example, 25% of those surveyed answered "lights" in response to question one.


1. Name something you hang on a Christmas Tree.

25% lights

23% ornaments

10% angel

10% tinsel

7% candy cane

2. Name a Christmas carol.

35% Silent Night

10% Oh, Holy Night

7% Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer

7% Hark the Herald Angels Sing

7% Away in a Manger

3. Name one of Santa's reindeer.

15% Blitzen

15% Donner

15% Dasher

15% Rudolph

8% Dancer

4. A role that someone might play in a Christmas pageant.

25% Shepherd

20% Mary, Mother of Jesus

15% Wise Man

7% Sheep

5. The color of a Christmas tree light.

40% Red

27% White

12% Blue

7% Green

6. The number of days you leave your tree up after Christmas.

37% One Week

12% Ten Days

7% Eight Days

5% Two Weeks

5% Twelve Days

7. A book of the Bible that tells you about Christ's birth.

47% Luke

30% Matthew

12% I Don't Know

10% Mark

8. How old were you when you found out that there was no Santa Claus?

25% Age Seven

19% There isn't a Santa Claus?

15% Age Ten

12% Age Six

10% Age Nine

9. Name a Christmas decoration other than a tree.

65% Wreath

7% Manger Scene

5% Candles

10. Name something associated with Santa Claus.

20% Beard

12% Elves

10% Sleigh

11. Name something that people usually do on Christmas day.

40% Unwrap Gifts

37% Eat

5% Spend Time with Family

5% Exchange Gifts

12. Name a food or beverage that is popular at Christmas.

52% Eggnog

12% Wassal

12% Spiced Apple Cider

5% Wine

5% Cookies

13. The shape of a typical Christmas cookie.

42% Tree

27% Star

10% Round

7% Bell

5% Gingerbread Man

14. How many weeks before Christmas should Christmas cards be put in the mail?

47% Two Weeks

35% Three Weeks

7% One Week

15. The most popular thing that children are asking Santa for this year.

80% Pokemon !!!!!

16. Name something that people usually do on the day after Christmas.

35% Return Gifts

17% Shop

7% Eat

7% Play with Gifts

5% Rest

17. When before December 25th do you usually start Christmas shopping?

22% November

19% Day after Thanksgiving

7% October

7% Three weeks before Christmas

18. What is one thing you want for Christmas this year?

10% Peace on Earth

10% To be with Family

10% Clothing

10% Money

7% I Don't Know

19. What do you usually do on Christmas eve in the evening?

60% Go to Church

15% Open Gifts

7% Wrap Gifts

7% Spend Time with Family

20. Who do you usually spend Christmas day with?

70% Family

10% Parents

10% Spouse

10% Friends


For all of you educators/ youth ministers/ children's workers/ parents out there (and there are plenty on our mailing list!), feel free to use these results for your own game. I found the game in the Holidays Ideas book, by Youth Specialties. If you play using teams, each team can be awarded points based on the answers they guess correctly. For instance, if a team guesses "lights" in response to question one, it would be awarded 50 points for guessing the answer with the highest percentage. The answer "ornaments" would be worth 40 points, and so on.

Have a good time, and thanks for your help!

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