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Here are some of our favorite websites. There is a wide range of interests here! Check out a category below:

Miscellaneous Favorites
Military Links
Television and News Links
Rabbit Links
Websites by Family and Friends

Miscellaneous Favorites:
A good place to find and catch up with friends from high school.
Get in shape without the dishonor of diet and aerobics! 
Lots of information for women.  

Shape Magazine
A lot of helpful stuff here.

Total Gym Homepage
I love my total gym.

University of Portland

Of course this is listed here; it is where we both graduated from!
A great site for youth workers, including job listings for the entire country.

Military Links

Military Spouse Support Network
I used to visit this site from time to time.

United States Army Alaska

Television and News Links
This is Bill's exclusive new site.

The Drudge Report

I glance at this a couple of times a day for major news. It is up my alley.

Dustin's Days Page

OK, so I do like one soap opera, kind of out of habit. This site keeps me updated.

Fox News 
Best station on television.

Second best TV show.

The Oregonian
Our local newspaper.

The O'Reilly Factor
Best TV show! 

The Sopranos
Another awesome show, that is for sure!

WorldNetDaily Commentary

O'Reilly writes a weekly column, so of course I have to check out this site too.

Rabbit Links

House Rabbit Society

Just Rabbits Online Group

Vanecek Bunny Farm  

Websites by Family and Friends:
Christian music, MP3's, CD's, vocal tracks, and lead sheets all by my college roomate, Amanda Furbeck.

American Family Karate and Fitness
Dad's karate studio in Hillsboro, Oregon. This site is a family affair - originally designed by yours truly and now designed and maintained by J-Bird, my brother.
That's one of my brothers, J. He has a cool site and hilarious pictures. Check it out.
This is my youngest brother, Josh. He has a cool website too.

Mustard Works Website Design 
This is my own website which really needs to be worked on. But if you are interested in website design, take a look. It has some of my old ones on there. 

I maintain this one (not frequently enough) for my Dad and his church - Faithspring. Check it out to read sermons, find out what's happening, and more. 




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